• Easy to use:
    Boots straight into the software. No need for specialist configuration.
    Works as soon as it is booted.
    Easy troubleshooting, Green Light flash = running, Orange Light = Transfering Data, Red Light = Error.
  • No Human Error:
    No need to count all the coins or stock in the machine, the software handles all cash flow.
    Easy management of data, saved by Serial number + Data & Time.
    Notification if there was an error whilst transferring / collecting data.
  • No monthly charges:
    No monthly charge for 3G ( all data is transmitted over Bluetooth ).
    No monthly charge for a SIM card for M2M data.
  • Low Power:
    The system runs off the Vending Machine power system over the MDB connector.
    The power draw from the MDB is 5 Volts. Very low power usage compared to the 12W / 34 Volts of just the cash acceptor.
  • Simple Debugging / Troubleshooting:
    Red LED Flashing = Error in the script.
    Red LED On = Error whilst booting up / software malfunction.
    Green LED On = Possible SD card crash.
    Orange LED On = Failed to transmit.
  • Easy Installation:
    2 Wires to connect, Audio Jack and a 6 Pin clip-in power connector.
    Power On & and wait for green flashing LED.
    Automatic Backup of all data to SD card including DEX Data & Temperature / Humidity Logs.



1. Vending Pi Board
  A) Gather data from DEX Input / Output Port (Vending Machine Side).
  B) Collect data from Humidity & Temperature Sensors inside Vending machine.
2. Stock Data (Total Sold, Product Price, Product Total Price).
3. Android Phone / Tablet used to download data from Raspberry Pi system via Bluetooth.
4. Stores data locally ready to upload to server or to upload to PC then to server (Web Interface)
5. Provides GPS location input for Vending Machine.
6. Check Vending machine location through GPS (Through Android Smart phone/Tablet)
7. On board Temperature sensor can control mini cooler fan for Vending Board system.
8. Status LED’s for error checking / troubleshooting.
9. 2 micro switch to provide basic control ( shutdown, reboot)

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